What a Workplace Should Be

Written by Nick Elliott

August 10, 2022

These are my boys. They are a big reason why I co-founded this company. I wanted a job where I  could do good work and be a good dad. Where the job was more than a paycheck. 

Don’t get me wrong. I expect a salary that reflects my value, but I have worked at places where I made a lot of money and paid dearly in quality of life. I have worked at places where I was a cog in a big machine, and at small shops where we developed apps that set a new standard. Guess which place I liked best.

Work life balance is not always easy when you are a software developer. Spending my life at work is not the way I want to live, so it’s not the way we work here. We are uncompromising that work and life have to be in proportion. 

The best sign of a good place to work is minimal turnover

While I don’t expect employees to stay forever, we have a pretty good track record. I hope it’s because everyone here knows that we appreciate them as people as much as employees. I’ve never understood why some bosses treat recognition as something to be rationed.

Working with people you like can make all the difference about coming to work. There’s a lot to be said for colleagues who are happy to help you when you’re stuck, who come up with faster, better ways to solve a problem, and are happy to share what they know. And it’s not always a seasoned developer. I’m really proud when an entry level developer teaches me or the rest of our team something new. 

Small shop, big clients, speaks loudly

We are a small shop of 18 employees who work with global clients. I think that says a lot about our caliber of work. We build and integrate applications that are changing the way crops are grown to feed a global population growing faster than the food supply. It’s a critical mission, and agtech is the new darling at the dance. All you have to do is look at the money pouring in from venture capitalists.

We are in immediate need of senior developers who like what they’ve read here. If you’re local, you can work at our central Maryland office as you like. If you’re remote, you can work for us too. We have several employees working remotely in  other states, and we prioritize connection even virtually. We prioritize friends and family even more. 

If you want to work at a company that embraces this philosophy, you are the person we want to hire. Shoot us an application here.