Senior Developer


As Senior Developer, you will help to guide the careers of the intermediate and junior developers, as well as continue to shape your own.  You’ll get exposure to  many different technologies — we use C# on .NET Core, Typescript + React, Postgres, Docker, and Azure most commonly — but depending on the client anything may be fair game.

Senior developers at Skyward Apps are often explorers into the unknown – they are responsible for investigating and piloting new technologies and bringing them into use at the company. In some cases, where nothing exists, you may end up leading a team to create the new technology yourself!

As a senior developer, we’ll expect you to be self-reliant enough to manage and direct the technical aspects of a project on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our Architect to build out major infrastructure, and realize beautiful designs in user interfaces. You will also need to wield the supporting business skills necessary for a successful software career, such as producing time estimates and client management, and be able to help the less experienced developers improve their own “soft” skills. 

As we’re a small company, there’s opportunity for you to get as involved as you want in any aspect of our business, and as a senior developer with Skyward, you will have a direct impact on the direction and immediate future of the company.



Did we mention you need to be willing to learn? Preferably, you’ll bring to the table expertise with at least one of these (or something similar), and experience with several:

  • ASP.NET Core, C#
  • SQL of any flavor, but Postgres or MSSql preferred
  • Web technologies like React, Typescript
  • Cloud deployment systems (anywhere from Docker to AWS)

Our clients often come to us for help designing a solution to their problems, not simply implementing a pre-existing plan, so you’ll need to be willing to both do subject matter research and get creative with solutions, as well as work with others of varying expertise.

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