Press Release

Skyward Apps Expands Developer Training on Software Security Risks

Contact: Marjorie Valin


December 2, 2021

Skyward Apps, a top-tier agriculture technology firm, has taken added steps to protect client applications by putting its software engineers through training on the current top software security vulnerabilities.

Skyward’s additional training comes amidst a sharp uptick in ransomware attacks on the agriculture food supply chain, which has disrupted farm operations, equipment, food processing, and distribution.

The Top 10 software security threats are periodically updated by OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is software security. The 2021 Top 10 includes three new categories:

  • Insecure Design – the result of software design flaws
  • Software and Data Integrity Failures – the result of inadequate security controls
  • Server-side request forgery – the result of a security bug that allows malicious server requests without validation

“We have always had multiple sets of eyes review every piece of software we develop, but the protection of our clients’ interests—as well as our own—is paramount,” said CEO Kat Crawford. “Agriculture is now a high-tech business, which brings with it both benefits and risks.”

Agriculture is regarded as highly vulnerable to cyber threats due to the complexity of integrating data from farm equipment, sensors, GPS and automation systems, including legacy systems without updated security controls. Another issue is the overall lack of security awareness throughout the sector.

“An experienced software firm will be aware of these threats and build security into their applications,” said Skyward Chief Technology Officer Nick Elliott. “We systematically check for errors and vulnerabilities as part of our code reviews, automated and manual testing processes.”

The full OWASP Top 10 checklist can be found here.