Press Release

Skyward App Company Reaches 10-year Milestone

Contact: Marjorie Valin


April 11, 2021

Agriculture’s digital transformation drives growth of Maryland company 


Columbia, MD–The Skyward App Company (Skyward) has reached a milestone  that 90% of startups do not: a 10-year anniversary. 

Founded in April 2011, the Columbia, Maryland company is a custom software developer and  integrator with a core practice in precision agriculture—the technologies and techniques that  have made farming practices more automated, digitally connected and data-driven. 

Two of Skyward’s original mobile applications have been widely adopted by farmers by allowing  them to access, collect, record and communicate field data in real time. Since then, the  company has developed a reputation among global agribusinesses for its ability to make  software systems interoperable and improve data flow across the supply chain. 

“Technology has become indispensable to farmers, agronomists, ag retailers and suppliers,  because it provides the data that is producing better crop yields using fewer resources,” said  Skyward CEO Nick Elliott. “Farming, food and climate are not sustainable unless we can  combine the data in this system of systems that make up the agriculture food supply chain. 

Skyward’s capabilities have earned it the business of global agriculture suppliers as they  reengineer their digital infrastructures to innovate and grow. Skyward’s reputation as being  exceptionally responsive was tested in late 2019 when a gas explosion ripped through and  leveled its office building. 

“Within 36 hours, we were back at work in temporary quarters. I was so proud of our team.  They didn’t miss a beat,” said Elliott. “Ironically, we learned how to operate a virtual business  with a remote staff working out of their homes before the pandemic forced everyone else to do  the same.” 

Despite the pandemic, Skyward is starting its 11th year in business on a growth trajectory, as  agribusinesses accelerate their technical capacity to feed a global population growing faster  than the food supply.