Press Release

Skyward Apps Launches Software Integration Testing Service

Digital transformation and IoT increasing the need to ensure applications can work together

Contact: Marjorie Valin


October 28, 2020

Columbia, MD. – Skyward Apps (Skyward), a custom software development company specializing in complex integrations, is introducing a Software Integration Testing Service to expedite the diagnosis of problems between applications.

Skyward’s experience over the years has shown that testing earlier in the software development process can reduce the time to identify and resolve a problem by 10-40%.

“Testing provides an immediate flag to pinpoint the source of the defect and correct it before the root cause becomes more difficult to isolate,” said Skyward Managing Director Nicholas Elliott. “The faster it’s caught, the less costly it is to fix. It can mean the difference between two hours and two weeks.”

The importance of interoperability, or software systems that work together, is paramount as companies modernize their technologies to work seamlessly across systems, platforms and devices. Given the scope and complexity of the technical challenge, early software testing can avoid significant expense.

“With the explosive growth of IoT, it’s no longer one device sharing data with another, but one device sharing data with a legion of others,” said Elliott. “The complexity of making sure that two or more systems can work together in the same environment, devices can send and receive data, and that data is handled correctly requires uncommon experience.”

Founded in 2012, Skyward contracts with global companies and large enterprises to unify software systems, manage complex data integrations, and develop custom applications and interactive mobile apps. Skyward also has a Location Intelligence Practice that leverages GIS data to create maps for precision agriculture and natural resource sustainability.