Mid to Senior Level Developer


Skyward App Company is a bespoke software development company; that means we get to work in many different industries across the world making custom solutions for our clients. Sometimes that’s a mobile app that uses AR to show farming analytics data right over a field of corn; other times a mini-wikipedia that allows non-profits to spread the word of their deeds and their cause. Or maybe it’s creating a communication platform for equipment on a dairy farm, from pumps to PCs. And sometimes, we take some time for ourselves, and invent a new social card game.

We are an agile development studio, but hold ourselves to a high standard. That means the plan may pivot at any time, but we still design, document, perform code reviews, and test.



You will guide your career, either specializing in a particular technology (so long as it’s useful!) or becoming a jack-of-all-trades. You’ll get exposure to many different technologies — we use C# on .NET Core, Typescript + React, Postgres, Docker, and Azure most commonly — but depending on the client anything may be fair game.

We know that true full stack developers who understand every part of every slice of the stack are few and far between (but if you do, feel free to apply) so we’re happy to train you in the parts you don’t know, so long as you’re willing to learn.

As a mid to senior level developer we’ll expect you to be self-reliant enough to know when to ask questions, when to agree to disagree, and when to push back. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our Tech leads and our Architect to build out major infrastructure, and realize beautiful designs in user interfaces. We will also help you hone the supporting business skills necessary for a successful software career, such as producing time estimates.

As we’re a small company, there’s opportunity for you to get as involved as you want in any aspect of our business.



Did we mention you need to be willing to learn? Preferably, you’ll bring to the table experience with at least one of these (or something similar):

  • ASP.NET Core, C#
  • SQL of any flavor, but Postgres or MSSql preferred
  • Web technologies like React, Typescript
  • Cloud deployment systems (anywhere from Docker to AWS)

Our clients often come to us for help designing a solution to their problems, not simply implementing a pre-existing plan, so you’ll need to be willing to both do subject matter research and get creative with solutions, as well as work with others of varying expertise.



Paid! But in addition, we have tons of perks:

  • Health Insurance. We offer PPO, HMO, or HSA plans, along with Dental and Vision! We pay for your individual premium.
  • Simple IRA. A retirement account, and we match a portion of your salary; think of it like a raise for your 65-year-old-self.
  • Paid Time Off. We have a simplified system so we don’t care if you’re going overseas or home with a sick kiddo. We also have standard holidays each year.
  • Life Insurance. We really hope you don’t need this, but it’s a bit of peace of mind for your family.
  • Monthly Games Night. Sometimes we break out the Switch, sometimes Apples to Apples. We’re open to suggestions!
  • Flexible Hours. We have core hours that we adhere to, but recognize that there are demands outside of work that sometimes need to take precedent.
  • Remote working, as needed. Sometimes you’re not sick enough that you don’t want to work, but you also don’t want to infect the rest of the office. Or maybe you’ve got an 8 hour window with the cable TV installer you need to be around for.



We’re a small company, and a close-knit team. We have a collection of talent in a multitude of areas, and we’re all constantly learning from each other and suggesting new improvements. We focus on the solutions, not the problems; if the world stopped having problems, we’d all be out of a job.



We’re a small and agile team that’s looking for hard working individuals who care about their work and learning new things. We are passionate about helping both clients and coworkers achieve new goals.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, please drop us a resume.

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