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An interview with Emily, Intermediate Developer

How do you define company culture?
I define company culture as how your company treats individuals, both as employees and people, because there’s a difference. The fact that our bosses check in on us with one-on-ones to check on our status growing as a developer, but also to see how we’re doing, if we’re having any issues work related or not, and if there’s anything they can do to help.

What makes for a positive work environment?
It comes from a familiarity with your co-workers beyond just work. There are off-topic discussions, some of us play video games together—it’s not everyone’s thing—but for those who share common interests, you have more than work knowledge about each other.

How would you describe the culture here?
I think the culture is pretty relaxed, friendly. I take to heart something that Nick (CTO) said, that we’re friends but not a family, because you don’t get to choose your family, and we all choose to work here.

How would you describe the management style?
I think it’s hands on but not in your face. They are involved which is important, and they want to be involved.

How has this job challenged you?
I certainly have learned new things with regards to technologies, languages, and new development practices. It’s also challenged me to improve my work communication skills in terms of how to ask questions, how to answer questions, when and how to discuss and make a decision without any input.

Is there anything you would change if you could?
Remote communication can be hard. Even before Covid, we had people who were permanently remote. I know that Nick and Kat (CTO and CEO) are busy, but waiting for a response is hard, because I know if I was in the office, I could just walk to their door. The other thing I would change about Skyward would be to have more women developers.

What makes you most proud to be here?
The fact that we are constantly learning as a group, updating our expectations, evolving the way we do things, and striving to have clean, maintainable code that is readable for other people. It’s trying to make things better and being allowed to recognize you didn’t necessarily get it right the first time.

Why should a developer or tester come to work here?
You’re going to learn something. Maybe not every day, but ideally you won’t be doing the exact same thing month on month. While at times it may be an adjustment to what you already know, you will be exposed to multiple different technologies and be in an environment where people are pushing you to be better.

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