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Reap the Rewards of Systems Integration

When data is synced from multiple sources across systems, you gain a 360˚ view of business performance and potential. The key to success is in interoperable software that connects data seamlessly, to feed workflows and enable real time decisions.

Data for a sustainable ecosystem

From farms to markets, forests to fleets, and manufacturing to medicine–businesses will need data—a lot of it, combined in new ways, to meet sustainability goals. See how we have used GIS imagery and private and public data to create more sustainable agriculture practices.

What We Do

Custom Software


From development to deployment, we build custom software solutions for technology providers and digital teams that need more capacity or higher-level skills for large-scale digital projects.

Supply Chain


We bridge the gaps that supply chain APIs can leave when data is put into another business system, from custom integrations to workflow automation for more efficient supply chain logistics.



Our developers are experts in building user-friendly iOS and Android apps that visualize data, transfer data, automate work processes and strengthen customer engagement.

Spotlight Content

Digital Product Owners Who are Shaping the Future 

Technology is transforming agriculture in ways that seemed impossible just a few years ago. This sea change is elevating the importance of digital product owners, who must understand how users think and interact with technology to create products they will adopt​​.

Meeting these challenges is a tall order and strategic imperative at  Syngenta, where technology and sustainability work hand in glove. A look at the issues from three leads on the digital front lines.

The Power of Agile Development

Agile software development is a powerful process to engage cross-functional teams, drive innovation and accelerate speed to market.

Our U.S. based software architects and developers work hand in hand with digital teams, internal developers and their stakeholders in a continuous integration process to shorten application release cycles. We build testing and quality assurance into each stage of development to provide

the flexibility to introduce changes and predictability in costs and schedules.

As your agile development partner, we can adapt this methodology to fit any project. Our ability to develop a minimum valuable product for web, mobile and IoT applications is based on deep and broad experience working with enterprise clients across agribusiness, manufacturing, insurance, and nonprofit organizations on a global and national scale.

“Skyward understands the technical nature and complicated architecture of what you’re trying to do.”

Skyward Apps Customer

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