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14 April, 2017

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A battle royale for 3-6 players where you attempt to come up with the best/craziest/funniest combination of cards each turn in order to defeat your opponents. Build your Champion and convince everyone that in this arena, you reign supreme! Anyone can play the game on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop - so whip out your device and get playing!


We love to play games. In fact, since the company started, board games have been an integral part of our team building. A year ago we realized that as an application development firm, we often are left with bits of time between contracts which is usually used to develop new skills and hone old ones. Couldn’t we both develop our skillsets and produce our own game at the same time? So between our contracts, we created Cards of Fury. It provides a structure with no overhead for having to tote around equipment or boards, and lets you get right into enjoying the time with your friends.


  • Play with your friends. We recommend bringing drinks.
  • Stretch your brain to convince the Decider that your absurd champion would win in a ridiculous conflict.
  • OR win by completing a private secret objective that is often nearly impossible. Who doesn't love a challenge!?
  • Vote for your favorite champions.
  • Expand your fun with in-app purchases of additional content.


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Skyward App Company designs, develops and maintains high-profile, high-velocity software solutions across a wide range of markets. Skyward's team has worked with major software developers, operating system giants, networking companies, mobile app developers, and weather industry leaders. From robust data services to high-performance video gaming, our diverse portfolio demonstrates the capabilities needed to tackle the evolving field of software application design and development.

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Cards of Fury Credits

Nicholas Elliott
Managing Director, Skyward App Company

Jeff Mathew
Senior Developer

Geoff Martin
Senior Developer

Manar Alhamdy
Game Designer, Developer

Daniel Calianno

Caroline Ganier

Erin Matuschek

Alex Barbato

Katherine Crawford
Marketing and Morale


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